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Reviews Restaurant:  Casa Mia Millenium Restaurant, Leeds

Inside Casa Mia Millenium, downstairs

This family run Italian restaurant is in a prime position on the edge of Milleneum Square in Leeds city centre and the food isn't bad either!

We went early on a Saturday lunchtime and we had pre-booked. Probably just as well as the place was quite busy when we left. We were met and shown to our table by a charming and pleasant M'aitre D. The eating area downstairs is light and airy and all the tables on the ground floor have a good view out of the wall of windows down one side.

Having imbibed some alcoholic refreshment at the nearby and highly recommended Victoria Family and Commercial Hotel (The Vic pub) we did not want more and so just requested tap water to drink which was no problem and came served with ice and lemon.

The food was excellent beginning with a plate of mixed Antipasto which we shared. There was a selection of cold meats and pickled and chargrilled vegetables enveloped in just enough olive oil dressing.We asked for a side of bread and butter to accompany the dish and we were not charged for this even though it was not provided as standard.The waiter said We are quite happy to cut it into many small useful pieces.

The main event was sublime. My Traditional Meatballs were moist and packed with flavour and the tomato sauce had a great depth of tomatoey taste. The accompanying plain pasta was the perfect foil for this. My companion chose lasagne with asparagus, seared, fresh salmon and a creamy dill sauce which was delicious if a little runny in texture.

With no room for desert we left replete and impressed with the food and service. For an establishment in the very heart of town the prices are surprisingly affordable too. However upon my return I must ask why there was a food display case absolutely full of fresh, red apples!

Casa Mia Millenium, Millenium Square, Leeds LS2 3AD (city centre)

Tel. for bookings: 0845 688 3030, Contact us by email at:

Review of The Mustard Pot, Chapel Allerton, Leeds 7
The Mustard Pot
Stunning outside space steals the show.

As we arrived at The Mustard Pot on a warm Sunday lunchtime the walk through the car park gave way to something rather spectacular; a fabulous countrified oasis hidden away from the main road. Firstly an attractive pergola with tables and seating offered some shade, then just before entering the pub a vast grassy area with traditional pub garden benches and tables opened up to the left.

This is a field of some size and not a climbing frame insight! That is not to say that children are not welcome they are and there were several very young customers in the restaurant when we left.

Now to the food: We sat down inside which has a distinct bistro feel to the décor with wooden floors, tables, a more formal dining section and low slung sofas and chairs around the periphery. A member of staff attended to us straight away. The obvious choice was Sunday lunch although there was a fairly extensive menu available.

I ordered roast chicken with trimmings and my companion (Dad) opted for beef. The food arrived quickly and was nice and hot. My chicken had a seasoned, crispy skin and was moist. Dad was happy with his medium rare beef which was cooked perfectly.

The Yorkshire puddings were clearly homemade; soft in the middle and crispy round the edges. There were also roast parsnips which were good with a pleasing, savoury toffee taste, and carrots and cabbage were plentiful. The accompanying gravy was deep, rich and full of flavour. We both had real ale to drink and there are always three or four to choose from here as well as a good selection of wines, lager, bottled beers and soft drinks.

There are several establishments offering a traditional Sunday lunch in this area so competition is tough. The price for Sunday lunch at the Mustard Pot is slightly above average for the area, and a Sunday lunch is a Sunday lunch. However there is no doubt that the surroundings are worth a great deal here and for that reason this meal is considered to be good value for money.

Reviews Restaurant : Sukothai Thai Restaurant, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, Yorkshire, UK

Try Thai food at Sukhothai, Chapel Allerton, Leeds - You wont be disappointed

Entrance to Sukhothai, Chapel Allerton, Leeds

Interior of the restaurant
At Sukothai in the Leeds suburb of Chapel Allerton, on a Sunday in July, we were met by an oriental lady in traditional costume who greeted us in the traditional manner with hands together and a slight bow. The entrance and the interior of the restaurant were beautifully decorated with carved wooden figures and statues and the food was very authentic too. I can vouch for this having been fortunate enough to visit Thailand myself and sample the food there.

My companion entered into the spirit of things by trying a Thai beer, quite a departure from his usual real ale, and he said it accompanied the food very well. What was available on the lunch buffet was probably a little less chilli hot than my Thai experience provided but this is a good thing, as what I sampled on my trip was a little too chilli heavy for my western palate. What was available here was absolutely delicious and comprised three help yourself courses.

From the starters prawn and pork dumplings were soft yet delicate with soy sauce and crispy garlic accompaniments, corn fritters were substantial and moreish with a chilli dip, sweet crispy noodles were delicious and crunchy and a surprising pinky red colour, a real highlight, and hot and sour soup with chicken and mushroom was spicy and fragrant.

The pick of the mains were beef and coconut curry which was sweet, spicy and creamy, a real stand- out, spicy stir fry seafood was also a hit with a plentiful catch of fish, squid and king prawn, and spicy thai salad was full of deliciously pungent beef, due to the fish sauce, and very refreshing. Also duck stir fried with chilli oil and sweet basil was so soft it pulled apart and there were more, too many to describe here.

The final course was not as stunning as the myriad of mains but it served to finish off the meal nicely. There were banana fritters and syrup but no ice cream, a creamy concoction in beautiful glasses finished with passion fruit pips and an abundance of fresh fruit, including my personal favourite pineapple.

This is a very different experience to the Chinese buffet we Brits have become so used to. Although superficially it may appear similar, the Thai flavours seem more delicate, a little hotter and the ambience a touch more refined which is probably a reasonable reflection of the cultural differences between these nations.

We were charged £9.95 each for the buffet although it says £12.95 on the website and I’m not sure if this was a mistake or if there has been a price reduction, either way it is very good value for the quality and quantity received. The site also recommends that you book for the Sunday buffet but we didn’t need to probably because we got there quite early, about 12.30 pm. However if you were a big group, booking is probably advisable as the restaurant was getting very full as we left.

CHAPEL ALLERTON: 8 Regent Street, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, LS7 4PE
Tel: 0113 237 0141

Outside the restaurant

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