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Leeds Light Night, Friday 8th October 2010 - Preview

Highlights: Ghostly goings on….

Light Night is all about lighting up buildings and environs in the centre of Leeds and some areas on the periphery. For example Brudenell Social Club is showcasing an outdoor Art installation and a cinema in a caravan. There will be numerous creative activities on offer throughout the night ranging from the surprising and quirky to the downright strange. In amongst there do appear to be some potential gems. I have chosen those of a ghostly theme to outline below. You can find details of everything on offer at

Pablo Fanque & St George’s Fields: A Secret History
University of Leeds, St George’s Fields, LS2 9JT / 7–10pm

Explore the University after dark and discover, at the heart of its campus, the hidden park with a long and sombre history. During the course of just over 100 years,nearly 100,000 people were interred in what is now a quiet & peaceful park. Most of the tombstones and monuments have been cleared away but some remain, and they can tell us the most interesting stories… For one night only, the path through St George’s Fields will be lit to lead visitors to the Chapel at its centre.Once there, our guides will help you discover the secret history of St George’s Fields and of one of its most famous residents…Pablo Fanque, the first black circus proprietor in Britain.

Ghost Stories in the Brotherton
University of Leeds, Brotherton Library,LS2 9JT / 7.15pm, 8.15pm and 9.15pm

In the atmospheric surroundings of the Brotherton Room, experience the spine-tingling thrill of classic, dramatised ghost stories. Tickets for all performances will be released at the Brotherton Reception desk at 6.30pm on the day. No more than 4 tickets per person.

Ghost Train: People in Action Oxford Chambers, Oxford Place, LS1 3AX / 5–11pm

Step back in time with People in Action’s unique walking ghost train. Listen to bone chilling ghost stories, buy wares from Victorian street sellers or browse the momento mori gallery. A piece of site specific, interactive theatre fun. Not to be missed!

Charles Wilberforce: Jennifer Burton Leeds City Museum, LS2 8BH / 5–10pm

With a fascination for fantasy, imagination is key. In Jennifer Burton’s mind anything is possible. She thinks of herself as an explorer and a creator of new species rather than an artist. She would therefore like to present to you Charles Wilberforce who has been frozen in time.

The Turn of the Screw: Opera North and Martha Sinclair
Leeds Central Library: Local History Library, LS1 3AB / 9–9.45pm

In a remote country house, a governess fights to protect two children from evil spirits. But are these spirits real or the product of her fevered imagination? Venture to the reference library for 9pm to hear stirring ghostly extracts from Opera North’s production of Benjamin Britten’s ‘The Turn of the Screw’. With live readings from the original Henry James novella.

Gateway to the Underworld: Storyhunters Dark Arches / 6.30pm–Midnight

Venture beneath the city where The Storyhunters have unearthed a terrifying secret from Leeds’ past. Brave the tunnels of Granary Wharf and discover 10,000 years of lost boys, wayward girls and mysterious disappearances. Beware, though, evil may still lurk in the running waters of the Dark Arches. Come and discover the tales.

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