Sunday, 6 February 2011

Nash’s Tudor Fish and Chip restaurant, Merrion St, Leeds

Not just for the blue rinse brigade!
Nash's original Tudor frontage
 When I heard that this Leeds stalwart ‘chippie’ had undergone a refurbishment, I felt compelled to pay a visit. On ascending the steep stairs, straight off the street, little seemed to have changed from what I remembered. There was a distinct feeling of stepping back in time, inkeeping with the mock Tudor facade, but slightly disorienting none the less.

On arrival we were warmly greeted and shown to a comfortable corner seating area for our meal. There was plenty of room for three of us to spread out but some of the other tables in the main body of the room seemed a little confined. Strangely enough I remembered this from my visit pre-refurburbishment, so the tables haven’t changed.

The surroundings are actually truly wonderful, like the interior of a thriving antique shop. There are beautiful brass and pottery artefacts and gilt mirrors everywhere, even the toilets follow the theme. There are no reproductions, the whole ambience screams quality.

This is just as it should be for the home of Leeds’ trademark dish. The unique taste comes from the beef dripping that everything is fried in, a fact which created a problem for my vegetarian companion who wasn’t enticed by the only non fish/seafood option on the menu, a tomato and vegetable casserole, and so contented with a cup of tea.

In stark contrast my haddock and chips with mushy peas was both crisp and succulent with the merest hint of delicious lip glossing grease and the chips and peas were spot on. My other, carnivorous companion devoured a ‘Special’ of mackerel in batter with chips, peas and homemade tomato sauce, which consisted of two huge, chunky fillets of fish in Nash’s trademark batter with the sides and was pronounced delicious but far too substantial for one person, particularly as tea and bread were included in the price, extremely good value.

All in all this was a wonderful experience marred only slightly by the lack of vegetarian options. Fish and chips have never been particularly associated with vegetables and so this is probably not surprising. Yet as my friend pointed out if groups of younger people, of which there were several while we were there, want to visit Nash’s there will invariably be non-fish eaters amongst them. Perhaps Nash’s needs to consider moving with the times and cater for a more diverse clientele.

Inside the restaurant with a mixed clientele

17 Merrion St, Leeds LS2 8JE, Tel: 0113 285 5960


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