Friday, 8 April 2011

Get Some Spice - The Best Indian Restaurants in Leeds

Like all major cities, Leeds offers a plethora of restaurants each providing local and foreign foods. As a particularly avid fan of Indian food, I would like to share with you my many wonderful experiences of the spicy side of Leeds!


Beginning life in Bradford and named after a famous Indian actress, this Clarence Dock restaurant boasts an incredibly sophisticated charm, with a wonderfully grand interior and a fantastic array of dishes to choose from.

The menu is priced at the higher end but is still affordable, and well worth it if you are a curry fan.

Recently Mumtaz also opened a number of smaller shops which cater for takeaway diners. Its Jaldi Jaldi range is not far removed from an Indian deli, with a selection of its branded dishes to choose from.

Guru to Go

Based in Armley Guru to Go offers really good Indian food at incredible prices. During the week they offer a meal for two for just £11.99 (we bought on which includes 2 mains, 2 naans, 1 side and 1 rice.

The food itself is really very good, and if you like your spices this stuff packs a punch! We ordered delivery which took around 45 minutes – could have been quicker but food this good at this price is definitely a winner!

Sheesh Mahal

Based on Kirkstall road, this restaurant is a favourite of ours which we go to before hitting the Vue cinema across the road. The service is about as fast and friendly as you are likely to get, and the food is served in authentic-looking dishes.

The food is priced up to what you would expect from an Indian restaurant – around £6-7 per main meal. The atmosphere is usually relaxed and there is an upstairs room which is often used for group bookings meaning you can have a dinner date downstairs or a staff party upstairs.

Due to its location, Sheesh Mahal provides a slightly more placid venue if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city centre.
Shabab is another good Indian restaurant but it is not quite up to the standard of the rest I’ve mentioned here. The food is very nice but recently they increased their prices across everything and unfortunately, the food does not quite live up this. Having said that Shabab is still a great place to order from, with speedy delivery and a friendly service.

This article was written by a Leeds city centre resident on behalf of Going Out UK – online restaurant booking

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  1. Agreed about Sheesh Mahal and Mumtaz, don't know the other two. But if I'm having a serious over-thirty evening, it has to be Cafe Guru.


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