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Yorkshire - Half Term heaven for everyone

St Leonards Farm Park, Esholt, Bradford, West Yorkshire BD17 7RB

Normally I wouldn't review an attraction aimed particularly at children but this one is so good you will enjoy it whatever your age. Plus if you're being roped into entertaining nieces, nephews, grandchildren or even your own at half term this is an absolute winner. Even better if you combine it with lunch at Murgatroyds, Yeadon on the way as it's only a mile down the road.

St Leonards Farm Park is just on the edge of the village  of Esholt where Emmerdale Farm used to be filmed. You can wander round and see the original Woolpack and lovely stone cottages and there is a lovely if quite length countryside walk from the village to Harry Ramsden's (the very first one!) in Guisely. This is another review that I will write.

However, back to the main attraction this time. You can park up on the road or in the small car park opposite the entrance. Then stroll in over a small wooden bridge past some duck and geese which give a taster of the main event.

In a small outbuilding you pay the entrance fee and buy bags of feed for the animals at only 50p. Then you wander out on to a courtyard area off which are the cafe and toilets plus the first animal shed. In here are goats,sheep and lambs all of which will eat out of your hand. There are also small donkeys and there were baby chicks under an infra red light when we visited.

Out of the shed and to your right is an area with a vast number of different chicken breeds some of which are peculiar or unusual. They can be fed with the designated chicken feed (bags are labelled) and are running free in a large, open pen. Slightly further on there are one or two horses and a couple of Shetland ponies which again can be hand fed and there are more animals grazing in the fields.

However the highlight for animal lovers would probably have to be the pets corner where anyone can sit down on a wooden bench and ask to hold one of the small animals. These include a rabbit, a rat, mice and guinea pigs. This is a wonderful and popular experience for all ages.

Additionally there is a Farmer's Fun Barn with huge slides for older children and a ball pool for younger ones and also an outside covered barn area with hay bales and a rope swing. Plus there is a zip slide in one of the fields and ample picnic tables to enjoy your own lunch.

St Leonards Farm Park is set in beautiful countryside which you can see from all areas of the park. There is no doubt this is one of those places where you can use children as a cover for a day out that adults will enjoy just as much. I defy this visit not to bring out the delighted child in everyone.

St Leonards Farm Park
Station Road,
Esholt, Bradford,
West Yorkshire, BD17 7RB

Telephone: 01274 598795
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