Friday, 1 April 2011

Quick writing for profit for the over thirties

Review - The Quick Cash Writing course by Nick Daws

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I know that this is a departure from my usual content but I am so excited by this that I wanted to share it in case anybody else was interested.

They say that life experience creates the best writers and certainly when you are starting out the advice is very much; write about what you know. Therefore it follows that the older you are the more material you have at your fingertips.

I have been searching for a comprehensive, reasonably priced writing course for some time to hone my skills and provide new ideas. The Quick Cash Writing Course by Nick Daws appears to do just that. I have dismissed other writing courses in the past because they seemed to lack substance in terms of ideas and techniques or they were too expensive. On this occassion much of what is actually required appears to be here at a good price.

I would recommend signing up for the free short course first as I did. Hopefully you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was with the quality of the content. It will have you writing in minutes! Certainly as a relatively new writer myself it opened my eyes to limitless creative possibilities.

The paid for course itself clearly goes into much more detail. It covers an extensive library of types of writing many of which are fairly quick to complete which, lets face it, is what most writers want. In reality only a handful of us can afford to dedicate a year or more to one project.

This course includes how to write; jokes, greetings cards, articles, including travel, readers letters. short stories, magazine fillers and much more all for a cash return. Finally a full and comprehensive 100% money back guarantee is standard. You may of course decide not to purchase and try your hand at writing anyway. If  so I wish you every success.

 I won't keep you any longer. Click on the link below to find out more for yourself and do please email me if you decide to start writing either with or without the course. Good luck.

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