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Dynamo - A Yorkshire Hero

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Inspirational Northerner (UK ) - Dynamo, Magician 
Dynamo walking on the River Thames 2011

Did you know that the world famous Magician, Dynamo hails from Bradford West Yorkshire and that he developed his magic as an antidote to the bullying he experienced as a youngster?  It’s not very easy to find great role models for young men these days but Dynamo is certainly one.
The Bradford magician was bullied at school and on the estate he grew up on largely due to his diminutive stature and fragile appearance. Dynamo was born Steven Frayne, December 17, 1982 in Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK. He grew up on West Bowling, Wyke Manor and the notorious Delph Hill Estate, historically one of the most violent and run down social housing initiatives in the North of England. 
He was raised by his struggling single mother as his father was in jail most of the time throughout Dynamo’s youth. Therefore it was his  grandfather  who  was the primary male influence. As a pool hustler he reputedly showed young Steven all the scams and tricks of the trade. He also used to do magic tricks and it was this influence that opened Steven's eyes to something he could be good at, that could possibly create an escape route from his  poor, violent   neighbourhood.
When he first started experimenting with card tricks, Dynamo found he was getting a lukewarm reception. It was then that he apparently decided to incorporate dance and hip hop music into his routines to create a very individual  Act . It seems that he never looked back. Dynamo has recently walked on the River Thames, near Westminster Bridge and performed for Natalie Imbruglio where he turned a cardboard butterfly into a room full of live, fluttering creations.
Dynamo has performed on the celebrity circuit for stars like Coldplay and Paris Hilton, and in front of Prince Charles. He has also appeared on numerous TV shows including " "Friday Night" with Jonathan Ross and the MTV EMA's where he performed for Nelly Furtado, Joss Stone and The Foo Fighters. He has also endorsed Sony Ericcson, Motorola, Nokia, and Adidas , an indication of how big the boy from Bradford has become.
Yet this is no star struck wannabe; when interviewed on BBC Breakfast News (28.07.11) about who he had performed for he cited people from his estate in Bradford at the top of the list and when questioned about his low key, non-flamboyant style Dynamo replied that you couldn’t show off where he comes from or you would be shot down in flames (probably literarally!).
Therefore he has nurtured an  unassuming style that catches people unawares. This was also deliberate he claims to make the bullies a bit unsure, a little bit scared (BBC Breakfast News 28.07.11). His best known tricks involve levitating objects and people and making playing cards jump out of the pack . Dynamo may be best known for swallowing a polo mint and pulling it out of his neck with his chain.
Currently he is traveling the globe performing his specific blend of magic, amazing and astonishing thousands.
Yet not only has this mystery magic messiah escaped poverty and bullying he also has to live with Crohn's Disease, which he discovered several years ago. This man is a true hero and someone that all young men of a certain age regardless of their background should try to emulate. Not only that we can all learn something from him about how to live life in a genuine and respectful way. 
Fact File (
His first TV appearances were on Richard & Judy, followed by a Channel 4 special 'Dynamo's Estate Of Mind'. Frayne then released a DVD called 'Concrete Playground'.[4]
On 18 March 2011, Dynamo appeared in a small clip on BBC1 for Comic Relief, highlighting the work that British Airways had done in raising money.
On 25 June 2011 Dynamo was apparently photographed walking on water; crossing the River Thames on foot in front of the Palace of Westminster, to publicise his forthcoming series Dynamo: Magician Impossible. This will feature guest appearances by Rio Ferdinand, Ian Brown, Noel Fielding, David Haye, Mat Horne, Natalie Imbruglia and Robert Sheehan.[5]
 Dynamo's Underground Magic (DVD)[6]
 Dynamo's Estate of Mind Channel 4
 Dynamo's Concrete Playground (DVD) Warner Bros

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