Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts – The gourmet chocolate box of the cake world! New Hotlight store opening Leeds, July 2011

Centre 27 Business Park on the outskirts of Leeds city centre on Tuesday 5th July 2011,

Krispy Kreme doughnuts are rather like the gourmet chocolates of the cake world. They come presented in a box of scrumpcious assorted flavours and centres. These include gorgeous raspberry and coconut with a delicious coconut cream middle and tangy fruit icing, an outstanding orange cream filled doughnut with chocolate icing and orange decoration, a  divine chocolate cream filled doughnut with chocolate icing and a moreish caramel/fudge doughnut with white caramel cream, chocolate icing and fudge pieces.

There are 15 delectable varieties in total. Jam doughnuts and ring doughnuts, iced and plain,  are part of the selection too. The plain doughnuts are lightly coated with a thin layer of white glaze, rather than sugar, which is lovely and moist. The plain ring doughnuts are deliciously light and also come in boxes of twelve. All doughnuts can also be purchased individually.

  A Single Original glazed® doughnut costs £1.20.  A Single Filled doughnut costs from £1.45.   An Original Glazed® Dozen costs £7.95, a Classic Assorted Dozen (a selection of our 12 best sellers) costs £9.45 and Your Favourites Assorted Dozen (your selection from any of our range) costs £9.95. This may seem expensive but these doughnuts really are quality confectionary already on sale in Harrods.
The Hotlight store, Leeds will produce fresh doughnuts around the clock and the doughnut theatre enables customers to watch them being made right before their eyes – a true sensory experience!

This is a re-blog due to some constructive criticism from readers regarding the Revels analogy in the original post. Such comments are always welcome. Please keep them coming. Thanks for reading.

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